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Ten years and counting…

Hi! My name is Jennifer and I am the owner and chief grower here at Floweir. I began my cannabis journey like many others: Trying to find relief from pain, chronic insomnia, and a host of other health issues that did not involve opioids or other pharmaceuticals. I react badly to many and it was not a solution for me.

Cannabis saved my life.

I began growing 10 years ago clandestinely in Texas because – well – it’s Texas. We moved to the beautiful Sacramento Mountains in southern New Mexico in 2015 in part because full cannabis legalization at the time was on the way. The New Mexico Legislature finally got it completed in 2021 and the industry fully opens in the spring of 2022.

I come from an entrepreneurial background, grew up on a farm, and have wanted to open a cannabis business for many years. Thanks to New Mexico, I now have that opportunity. We are still in the process of obtaining the appropriate licenses and setting everything up. The grow continues, the plants are happy and loved, and I hope to see you here on my mountain in the spring for some incredible hand grown cannabis, fresh air, and good times.

Hi There!

Not quite open for business doesn’t mean we can’t chat about our favorite flowers. Drop me your email address and we’ll send you bits and bobs about all things cannabis. Let’s get nerdy. 🙂


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Excellent service and recommendations!! Super cool experiences. We went in and the vibe is very relaxing, the staff is super attentive and everything we asked we got great insights.

Larry Davis

Great shop in Soma! If you work in the area check them out. I got some Kiwi Strawberry and still had time to smoke a bowl and eat before going back to the office. Keep on blazing it.

Joan Rubin

If you looking for excellent quality bud and somewhere to medicate on-site then this is definitely the place! Incredible atmosphere and staff…guaranteed not to disappoint you!


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