NOTICE: Floweir is currently in the process of obtaining a cannabis business license from the State of New Mexico.
There is no cannabis product available for sale on this site or at this business at this time.

Eir [ˈɛir]

Norse Goddess of medicine

and healing.

Eir tended the
wounds of Viking
warriors and healed
them with a white flower.

Floweir has harnessed her power
and now we offer it to you.

Hand Raised

Soil Grown

And Loved

Slider 1 Veg Jack
2015-05-11big leaf hand
2015-04-19 hand big bud
2015-04-19 Pile of bud
2015-06-06 Pretty trichs 72dpi
2015-07-29 Fluffy Head bud
2015-08-15 red polish fat bud
2015-08-05 purple canopy
2015-02-28 loupe
2015-05-07 soft pink pistils

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